Since its release, Persona 5 has fascinated numerous RPG fans all over the world. The game has won countless awards internationally. An anime adaption launched earlier this year, to rave reviews. The Famitsu team is hoping to bring you an in-depth dossier that further explores the charm of this epic masterpiece!

This dossier will take the form of a book, tentatively titled "Persona 5 Mementos Report". Below is a special survey where we ask you about your most memorable moments and biggest questions while playing Persona 5. We'll be storming Atlus' Persona Team in Japan with your answers - so help us infiltrate their Palace and take their treasure!

Ever wondered how Futaba used to spend time before meeting the protagonist and his friends? If enough fans want to know, we'll ask the Persona Team and give you a peek into a day in her life before the game's storyline. Let's jointly turn this into a definitive fan book, by the fans, for the fans!

So, if you've played Persona 5, we invite you to answer our survey from the link below. This is the first of a planned series of similar surveys, with this one's scope being from the very beginning of the game until you complete Kamoshida's Palace and hold the victory buffet with your friends on May 5. This survey will be available until Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 11:59 PM JST !

Phan-Survey : What Took Your Heart  in Persona 5? Let the Persona Team know!_02
Phan-Survey : What Took Your Heart  in Persona 5? Let the Persona Team know!_01
After transferring to Shujin High School, the protagonist meets Ryuji, Ann and Morgana, and takes on Kamoshida's Palace. This survey covers the exciting first month from the beginning of the game, up until the team's victory buffet on May 5. (pictured)

Answer the Persona 5 Mementos Report Phan-Survey !

Survey Notes :
 ●Answer the survey as often as you like! If something pops into your mind after answering, go ahead and take it again!
 ●We'll need to pick and choose from your collective suggestions. If you ask something that many other fans want to know too, it's more likely we'll address it.
 ●We may need to merge and edit your individual questions depending on what everyone is asking.
 ●We retain the right to ignore questions that infringe on third party rights, go against public standards and moral values, or are garbled or otherwise unreadable in any way.