We are now ready to reveal their answers to our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire.

The first January 2020 issue of Weekly Famitsu (issue date: 12/26/19) includes a special feature article focused on ’Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age’ and ‘Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age-Definitive Edition’ which have been highly regarded worldwide.

※Voting is finished.

Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_02
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_03

To our pleasant surprise, whopping 4,222 people have participated in the survey on Famitsu.com and shared their opinions.

Here are the results of the ‘DQXI’ and ‘DQXI S’ survey. We apologize that we cannot introduce all of your opinions due to the page limitations. However, please rest assured that your passion and enthusiasm have been duly passed on to the ‘DQXI’ development team and the staff.

This article is a translation of an article published in the Japanese at Weekly Famitsu.


Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_04

Country/region of residence

We’d like to begin by introducing participants by country/region; we received the most replies from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany in that order. People from other European countries including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Netherlands. Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland have participated as well.

We also received replies from Central America, ACS, South America, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and Africa. As a result, people from 72 countries participated. Thank you all ‘DQ’ fans across the globe!

No.1 United States of America:2086
No.2 Canada:254
No.3 United Kingdom:237
No.4 France:225
No.5 Germany:137


In total, there were a staggering difference in the gender ratio of participants since many participants from the United States with the most replies were male. Interestingly, the male/female balance of participants from Europe were pretty even.


  • Male:3523
  • Female:467
  • Neither:92
  • No Answer:140

Age Group

Although the ‘DQ’ fan base in Japan is in their 30s and 40s, half of participants in the survey were people in their 20s and 30s. We presume that these participants had their first ‘DQ’ experiences from ‘DQVIII’ released about 14 years ago (outside of Japan) and many people got to know ‘DQ‘ through DQXI.’ In addition, the sheer number of Nintendo Switch users may have contributed to the results.


  • 10-19:502
  • 20-29:2144
  • 30-39:1280
  • 40-49:198
  • Over 50:10
  • No Answer:88

Q. Check all games you have played.

The overwhelming number of people said that they played ‘DQXI S.’ This is probably due to the proximity of its release date and the survey period. Nearly 24% of people played ‘DQXI S’ after playing PS4 or Windows version of ‘DQXI.’ Nintendo 3DS version of ‘DQXI’ were never available outside Japan which explains the smaller number of players of Nintendo 3DS version ‘DQXI S.’ However, there were many people who first played ‘DQXI’ on PS4, Steam, or Nintendo 3DS and then moved on to ‘DQXI S.’



※Multiple answers allowed

Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_05

Q. Please let us know other Dragon Quest games you have played.

‘DQI’, the beginning of everything, received the most votes contrary to our expectation that ‘DQVIII’ would be the most popular ‘DQ’ game. We presume that many people played ‘DQI’ remake versions on smartphones and Nintendo Switch. ‘Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies,’ which was released overseas and became a big hit, came in the 6th place with 995 votes. The ‘Dragon Quest Monsters’ and ‘Dragon Quest Heroes’ series were also popular with nearly 700 votes each.

No.1 Dragon Quest I(Dragon Warrior):1323
No.2 Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King:1186
No.3 Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride:1039
No.4 Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past(Dragon Warrior VII):1029
No.5 Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation:1006

※Multiple answers allowed

Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_06
’Dragon Quest I’(Nintendo Switch)

''Q. Why did you decide to play 'Dragon Quest XI'?

It turned out that most participants knew about the ‘DQ’ series one way or another and were eager to try the latest one. Many of them originally decided to get the game because of friends’ recommendations and/or high ratings on numerous blogs. On the other hand, some became interested because of ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.’ Here are some comments we received and you can tell that each fan has a special place in his/her heart for the game.

[Excerpted from all comments]

  • I was named after the princess in dragon quest 1 (princess Gwaelin) and so I've played almost every game in the series. (United States/10-19/Female)
  • I was looking for a good RPG series that I could get into and that was when I discovered Dragon Quest. I then decided to play Dragon Quest XI after seeing fan recommendations on YouTube and that it was the latest release of the series. (United States/20-29/Female)
  • I had played Dragon Quest VIII as a child and was really interested in getting into the series properly as an adult. (United Kingdom/20-29/Female)
  • I’ve never been a huge fan of Dragon Quest, but something about this game grabbed my eye. I needed a fresh, new jrpg to play and seeing that the character design was done by Akira Toriyama reeled me in. (United States/10-19/Male)
  • I am fan of Saga Dragon Quest. (Costa Rica/20-29/Male)
  • Because it is a traditional JRPG with a sense of adventure. Making it in true HD was the best decision. (Germany/30-39/Male)

Q. What was your impression of the game after playing?

The game was highly praised overall and received words such as "amazing," "I loved it," "my favorites" and others. Many participants considered the game good old (old school) JRPG and they thought ‘DQXI’ was the latest version of ‘DQ’ with improved playability.

[Excerpted from all comments]

  • The world was wide and interactive, it had a compelling story, and I was intrigued by it. (United States/10-19/Male)
  • .... I am at a loss for words to describe how amazing the game is, no words can do it justice. (Bahrain/20-29/Female)
  • My favorite RPG are Chrono Trigger and Xenoblade. I love those games because of the huge and colourful world, for the beautiful music, the amazing story and because the characters felt alive. DQXI S has all that. I can't explain how much I loved the game, and the characters, and the turn-based battle... I truly felt in love. (Chile/30-39/Female) ※Excerpted from original comment
  • A wonderful blend of fun and seriousness! It reminds me of the Saturday Morning cartoons growing up, but with a mature tinge. (United States/20-29/Neither)
  • Modern and beautiful. (Brazil/30-39/Male)
  • A fantastic JRPG with combat that feels both old and new at the same time, with a simple but very charming story and a great cast of characters. (Israel/10-19/Male)
  • An incredible example of how the series evolved by providing a fresh take on the Dragon Quest formula. Turn Based Games can still feel modern and beloved to us if supported by good design choices. There is a lot of room for improvements but I can't wait to see what the future has in store for the franchise. I was also surprised by the lore revelations and how they re-connected this title to the original games. (United Kingdom/20-29/Male) ※Excerpted from original comment
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_07

Q. Check all elements you have enjoyed in the game.

Although multiple elements were chosen by participants, they said they enjoyed the characters and stories the most. They liked the combat system which provided the turn-by-turn combat, a unique ‘DQ’ factor. The world with diverse environment and the character skill system were also popular. Many also praised art designs such as facilities, monster designs, and towns. Various additional elements that can be enjoyed after finishing the game(Post Game) also led to high evaluation.

No.1 Characters:4029
No.2 Story:3894
No.3 Combat system:3741
No.4 Exploration:3511
No.5 Character build:3347
No.6 Voice of characters:3258
No.7 Side quests:2767
No.8 Camping:2552
No.9 Music:2505
No.10 Mini games:2082

※Multiple answers allowed

Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_08
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_09
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_10
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_11

Q. Which character is your favorite if you have to choose one?

This was the question that received the most enthusiastic comments in the survey. Many fans shared more details for reasons they chose their favorite character. Understandably, most of them complained that it was too difficult to choose only one character. Please note that some people answered "everyone" but we had to exclude them from the results.

No.1 Sylvando:1156

Sylvando, a traveling performer eager to make everyone in the world smile, won the first place with a significant lead. One of the reasons for its popularity was not only his personality, but also the fact that he is a noble knight who always cares for his friends. Episodes of the parade and episodes with Hendrick were also popular.

[Excerpted from all comments]

  • He's full of joy, energy and kindness! (United Kingdom/20-29/Male)
  • A character that's flamboyant and is initially off-putting, but has depth, and is all round lovable. (Australia/30-39/Male)
  • His positive attitude is very uplifting. I like that his personality is him and isn't just a joke. As an artist "making people smile" resonates, I also want to make people smile. (United States/20-29/Female)
  • Because above all else, he wants to see the world smile. Amazingly written character. (Saudi Arabia/30-39/Male)
  • He is very fun, entertaining, and explores new territory for Japanese media. His story is compelling and relatable to a lot of people, and he is a very likeable and charismatic man. (Peru/10-19/Male)
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_12

No.2 Erik:774

The Luminary's reliable partner came in second. He was popular for his appearance as a thief and his passionate friendship with The Luminary, and as an elder brother who cares about his sister. Many pointed out that he continued to play a central role in the party until the end because of his powerful ability.

[Excerpted from all comments]

  • From start to finish, he's the most powerful character. You can't go wrong with Erik, knives are good, boomerangs are good, swords are good. He's the only character I've actively switched weapons during battle. (France/20-29/Male)
  • I also think he is just very charming and cute. I love how he cares about his sister, I think they have an adorable familial relationship. He also cares about his friends, especially the Luminary, and wants to help him more than anything else. I admire him! (United States/10-19/Neither) ※Excerpted from original comment
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_13

No.3 Jade:606

Jade received many votes for her cool and beautiful expressions and her dignified manner as a martial artist. The contrast between her feminine appearance and her awesome fighting power attracted many players. Her origin unfolded in the story and her relationship with The Luminary as his sister also let to many votes.

[Excerpted comments]

  • She's Strong and Cute. (United States/20-29/Male)
  • I love her design for one, the purple hair is really nice. Also she's a bad ass. The Luminary wouldn't be alive without her for one. (United States/20-29/Female)
  • Besides her gorgeous appearance, I adore her personality and her presence. Her connection to the Luminary & the way she behaved around him was adorable and felt like she cared for him deeply. The fact she can hold her own and upholds her own values in the face of danger is admirable and attributes to her character. (United Kingdom/10-19/Male)
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_14

No.4 Veronica:506

"Hilarious" and "sassy" were often used in comments to describe Veronica. Cheerful in any situation, sometimes fearless, and a bit of a tomboy, she was popular for her composed demeanor in fighting. Many players love her relationship with Serena, their story, and Veronica's "Select.”

Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_15

No.5 The Luminary:289

Many commented that The Luminary with his adventure, a story that has grown into a "Hero" to save the world, deserved to be the protagonist. Some enjoyed his high ability and character design. Another reason for his popularity was his appearance as "The Luminary" at ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.’

Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_16

Hendrick ranked the 6th (280 votes), Serena the 7th (237), and Rab the 8th (152). It’s clear that each episode left strong impressions on players. Significant number of people cited their personality and stories as reasons for choosing them but not their battle performances. Many people cited newly added episodes to ‘DQXI S.’ Some said, "Opinions change before and after the world changes" and "the answer depends on the hardware." Some chose Slime because "What is the ‘DQ’ icon? …RIGHT!?"

Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_17

Q. Tell us your favorite scene in the game and why.

‘DQXI’ offered many fascinating stories; particularly Veronica's story has been highly applauded for the compelling storytelling but for those who have not yet played, we won’t spoil further. Some were moved to tears with Serena's harp. And others were impressed with the addition of Hendrik and Jasper episodes to ‘DQXI S’, and Michelle's tragic love affair.

[Excerpted from all comments]

  • I CAN'T, there are too many amazing ones! (United States/20-29/Female)
  • When Erik and "The Hero" Jumps from the Cliff, i like the Trust/Friendship Bond of the Two of them. (Italy/10-19/Female)
  • In the beginning, when the Luminary goes back in time and sees his grandpa. And after that, Cobblestone being destroyed. It made me cry for a game in the first time since years. (Netherlands/20-29/Female)
  • A tie between the opening movie and the true ending. I love the opening movie because it showcases all the characters so beautifully and of course the music is iconic, and I love the true ending for the joy and satisfaction I felt while watching it for the first time. (Spain/20-29/Female)
  • The dance parade. It was so fun to move around like that. (Germany/30-39/Female) ※Excerpted from original comment
  • I was touched by the scene where Serena cuts her hair after Veronica’s death because it showed how much Veronica cared about the rest of the party, and also allowed Serena to grow as a character. On top of that her new haircut was super cute! (United States/20-29/Female)
  • The scene with Rab when he dropped his book was pretty funny. (Netherlands/20-29/Male)
  • My favorite scene is where Yggdrasil comes back to life I nearly cried. (United States/20-29/Male)
  • All the moment just before the time travel, when the companions remain silent because they know they will "disappear" but still end up encouraging the hero. This moment is very impacting and emotionally heavy. (France/20-29/Male) ※Excerpted from original comment
  • Arriving in the Last Bastion and finding Gemma safe. (United States/30-39/Male)
  • The Ceremony held by Rab and The Luminary in honor of the fallen souls of Dundrasil. It was a very touching moment that showcases the beautiful writing of the game perfectly. (Mexico/10-19/Male)
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_18

Q. What do you think is the most attractive element of 'Dragon Quest' series?

'DQ' series offer very humorous and moving hero stories. This seems to be the reason why it is loved by many people across borders. Most people appreciated storytelling of ‘DQ’ series. ‘DQ’ fans also were attracted to the simple gaming system that anyone can play, the world view, and characters.

[Excerpted from all comments]

  • The whimsy and charm of the worlds combined with the effective, emotional storytelling. (United Kingdom/30-39/Female)
  • The story telling. There's something very comforting yet exciting about it I can never get tired of it. (Thailand/20-29/Female)
  • It has a fun sense of humor, while also having a good story in a fantasy game. Most fantasy games that I’ve played are usually incredibly serious, without much humor. (United States/10-19/Female)
  • Nice music, cute slimes. (Spain/10-19/Female)
  • The colorful and unique character design and fairy tale-like stories. Playing DQ is like immersing yourself in a fantasy book. (Poland/30-39/Female)
  • The fantasy world that surrounds this franchise. Heroes of legend, mystical creatures, sacred lands, myths and prophecies, the lore of the world...A lot of stuff. But if you want me to say just one, then that'll be the fantasy environment/setting. (Caribbean/30-39/Male)
  • The simplicity of its presentation and the potential depth that it can bring behind its simple appearance. Many players will try the series for being "easy to get into" and will walk out impressed at how complex the games can be and how enjoyable the stories are. (Peru/20-29/Male)
  • The world and its characters! All the detail to explore, especially in the cities. The monsters are generously designed. (Sweden/10-19/Male) ※Excerpted from original comment
  • The world of Dragon Quest is the most attractive element to me. The idea of a whimsical and fantastic place full of monsters and people living together, trying to deal with them and sometimes befriending the monsters. It's very enjoyable to relax into that world. (United States/20-29/Neither)
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_19

Q. If you have any message to the ‘Dragon Quest’ development team, please write here.

Here we asked you to post your expectations for the upcoming ‘DQ’ series and a message to developers. In addition to the words of appreciation and expectation for the next game, there were many calls for remaking of the past "DQ" series playable on current hardware systems. It’s great to know that fans around the world still want it!

[Excerpted from all comments]

  • Thank you so much for creating this incredible game! You can be really proud. I can't wait for the next one. (Germany/10-19/Female)
  • I would love to see remakes of all previous Dragon Quest games in the HD 3D style of Dragon Quest XI. (United States/10-19/Female)
  • Female protagonist option please! (United States/20-29/Female)
  • Thank you for all the work you have done to bring us these amazing games! Dragon Quest has been bringing me joy ever since I was a child, when I started my journey with VII. I will keep supporting and buying the games for as long as you keep working on them! Please bring X to the west as well! (Netherlands/20-29/Female)
  • Don’t be afraid to change the formula of dragon quest give us something new in this amazing world. (Saudi Arabia/20-29/Male)
  • I only started when the series finally came to Europe. But I'm very happy to experience so many great adventures. Thank you for keeping this adventure for so long. (Germany/20-29/Male) ※Excerpted from original comment
  • Keep up the good work, I'm always looking forward to what Mr. Horii is making, just please release the games on English sooner! And rerelease all the older games on Switch! (Ecuador/20-29/Male)
  • Please Do Not give up on the west!! This series is capable of transcending the gaming medium to draw out strong emotions in everyone. Also, do not try to appease everyone and just stay true to the series. Thank you for all your hard work and the joy you have brought since the first Dragon Quest!! (United States/40-49/Male)
  • You’ve been doing an AMAZING work for over 30 years. Thank you for these amazing experiences. We’re all looking forward to play Dragon Quest XII. (Italy/10-19/Male)
Whopping 4,222 ‘DQ’ fans from 72 countries have answered our ‘DQXI’ & ’DQXI S’ questionnaire and here are the results!!_01

Thank you for participating and reading through the results. We were really impressed by how much you love ‘DQ.’ If there is another opportunity, please let us hear your voice again at Famitsu.

Thanks to all ‘DQ’ fans!