The official “Persona 5”’s artbook was originally released in Japan in 2016. We made almost all the Japanese sentences translated into English and published the e-book on May 7. I will show you the part of the book. Are you ready to be taken your heart?


Persona 5 : The original art book

The concept arts and images of all the main characters, their Personas and the side characters are including. Shigenori Soejima, the character designer, wrote down about the memory of character design as the creator’s comment.

We also made the note in the sketches translated into English. A lot of secrets about the concept of characters are unveiled.

The special interview with Shigenori Soejima is also including.

 [Book’s Data]
Title: Persona 5 : The original art book
Release date: May 7, 2019
 *Please note that there is a possibility of delay in release, depending on the area you live in.

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