Kazutaka Kodaka (DANGANRONPA) and Kotaro Uchikoshi (ZERO ESCAPE) established a new game company, "Too Kyo Games".

Too Kyo Games was created by 7 creators, including Kazutaka Kodaka, Kotaro Uchikoshi, Rui Komatsuzaki, and Masafumi Takada as central figures.

 At the broadcast, "A new game company, Too Kyo Games, was established"(YouTube), on September 11, 2018, 7 famous Japanese game creators appeared on the show and revealed the detail of the company.

・小高和剛氏、打越鋼太郎氏、小松崎類氏、高田雅史氏らが新ゲーム会社“Too Kyo Games”を設立。ゲーム&アニメプロジェクト4本が進行中

 Too Kyo Games was created by 7 creators, including Kazutaka Kodaka, Kotaro Uchikoshi, Rui Komatsuzaki, and Masafumi Takada as central figures. All members are as follows:

Director / Scenario writer
Kazutaka Kodaka
Representative works: "Danganronpa" series

Composer / Arranger
Masafumi Takada
Representative works: "Danganronpa" series and "100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams"

Character designer / Illustrator
Rui Komatsuzaki
Representative works: "Danganronpa" series and "Fate/Grand Order"

Novelist / Scenario writer
Yoichiro Koizumi
Representative works: "Brake-kun core" and "Zettati Zetsubo Hagakure"

Illustrator / Character designer
Representative works: "Danganronpa" series and "Fate/Grand Order"

Director / Scenario writer
Takumi Nakazawa
Representative works: "Ever17" and "Root Double: Before Crime * After Days"

Director / Scenario writer
Kotaro Uchikoshi
Representative works: "Ever17" and "ZERO ESCAPE"

 Mr. Kodaka said "The object of this company is to do something new, which is the creation of a new IP commonly known all over the world and in a future we will make indie games by ourselves. This new company enables us to move freely towards the goal."

  4 new projects are already in progress in Too Kyo Games. They showed us 4 concept art images and the catch phrases about the projects in the broadcast.

A new concept art 1 by Too Kyo Games

 A video game that all creators of Too Kyo Games will concentrate their abilities on. The genre has not revealed yet. Mr. Kodaka and Mr. Uchikoshi will make the scenario together.

A new concept art 2 by Too Kyo Games

  An anime in collaboration with Studio Pierrot. The original author is Mr. Kodaka and the character designer is Mr. Komatsuzaki. They will depict the image of action films in the 1990s such as "Pulp Fiction" and "The Professional"

A new concept art 3 by Too Kyo Games

 An action adventure game by Mr. Kodaka as a general manager, Mr. Uchikoshi as a scenario writer and Mr. Nakazawa as a director. The concept art drawn by Ms. Take (Illustrator. Representative works: "Tawagoto") represents school children playing death game. It is very shocking.

A new concept art 4 by Too Kyo Games

 Collaboration of the dev team of "Danganronpa" and Spike Chunsoft. Mr. Kodaka actually started this project before his retirement of Spike Chunsoft. We imagine a kind of cyberpunk world from this art. Mr. Komatsuzaki designs the characters, Mr. Shimadoriru designs background and Mr. Takada directs the sounds.

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