We are planning the feature about "Octopath Traveler" in WEEKLY FAMITSU (will publish on 6th, September).

Questionnaire about "Octopath Traveler": Would you mind sharing your tale about the travel with 8 travelers?_01

In this feature, we would like to know how game players around the world enjoy "Octopath Traveler". We appreciate it very much if you could answer the following questionnaire.

This questionnaire will be available until Monday, August 20, 2018, 23:59 JST (14:59 GMT).

Questionnaire Notes:
Your answers may be posted in Weekly Famitsu with some editing.
You don't have to answer all questions. Please choose questions you can answer and respond.
Please note that if any of your answers are indecipherable and/or not completed for any reason, the entire form will not be accepted.
Your session may expire if you take too much time to answer.