Today, June 20, 2023, a table talk RPG work based on the world of the action RPG "ELDEN RING ELDEN RING TPRG" was released by KADOKAWA.

『エルデンリング TRPG』が本日発売。イラストレーターNIRA氏によるスペシャルイラストが公開
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 To commemorate the release, a celebratory illustration by NIRA, the illustrator who created all 14 types of elemental illustrations in the book, including the original elements (perfumer, fighter, scout, and guide), is now available. The illustration is a powerful depiction of Godric the Grafted, the boss of "Eldenring.

『エルデンリング TRPG』が本日発売。イラストレーターNIRA氏によるスペシャルイラストが公開
Launch Commemorative Illustration by NIRA
『エルデンリング TRPG』が本日発売。イラストレーターNIRA氏によるスペシャルイラストが公開
All background illustrations in this book are by NIRA
『エルデンリング TRPG』が本日発売。イラストレーターNIRA氏によるスペシャルイラストが公開
Original elemental perfumer (top left), fighter (bottom left), scout (top right), guiding hand (bottom right)

 In addition, ELDEN RING TRPG is a game design based on DARK SOULS TRPG" by Hironori Kato (Group SNE), who also worked on "DARK SOULS TRPG". (Group SNE), the creator of "DARK SOULS TRPG", and the main visuals are by Jun Suemiya, who also did the cover for "DARK SOULS TRPG", so you can feel the tension of the original game on the tabletop. The game supports 1 GM + 2 players ~4 players (total of 3 ~5 players), and even TRPG beginners can play it like a board game. An interview with Mr. Hironori Kato and his impressions of the game's appeal will be published at a later date.

Book Information

  • Author:Hironori Kato/Group SNE
  • Cover Illustration: Jun Sueya
  • Format: A4 size, in a three-sided box (three separate volumes)
  • Book 1 = 192 pages, Book 2 = 96 pages, Book 3 = 336 pages
  • Label: Fujimi Shobo, game-related book
  • Editorial Department: Game & Planning Book Editorial Department
  • Publisher: KADOKAWA
  • Release date: Scheduled for June 20, 2023
  • Price: 5,500 yen + tax
  • Work Page

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