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 In this issue, we will introduce the Kreps vial, a useful item that muffles the sounds made by players.

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Eldenring attack: the "kleps vials" of supreme tranquility make it easy to get behind the enemy!

 The "Crepuscular Vial" is an item that muffles the "sound" that occurs when players dash or roll, which can cause them to be noticed by enemies.

 This is a useful item for those whose style of play is centered on stealth, as well as for those who are not, as it allows them to easily get behind the enemy if they are not in sight, and to put in a first strike, such as a deadly blow.

 The video includes a comparison of the performance of the Krebs Vial when unequipped and when equipped, as well as instructions on how to obtain it, so please take a look at the video and try it for yourself!

『エルデンリング』攻略動画:「クレプスの小瓶」で敵の背後を簡単に取れる!(ファミ通 攻略ch)

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