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In this video, we explain the locations of the Scarlet Amber Medallion +2, the Mourning Color Forging Stone of Old Dragon Rock, and the Golden Tree Grace +2, which can be obtained in the ash city of Rodale.

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Three essential items to obtain in the ash city of Rosedale, "ELDEN RING".

The Scarlet Amber Medallion +2 is an item that greatly increases maximum HP, the Mourning Color Forging Stone of Old Dragon Rock is a valuable strengthening item that can only be obtained in limited numbers in one round, and the Grace of the Golden Tree +2 increases maximum HP, stamina, and maximum equipment weight.

Both of these items are must-haves, so check out the video to see the route to the locations where you can find them!

『エルデンリング』攻略動画:灰都ローデイルで入手必須の3つのアイテム【ファミ通 攻略ch】

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