ELDEN RING, scheduled to be released on February 25, 2022, is finally a week away from its release. We'd like to share some useful information that you should keep in mind when you land in the Lands Between. This article will explain things you need to know in your exploration.

More information makes your map more useful

The adventure in the Lands Between is full of excitement, including fighting against many threats, meeting allies, and exploring deep underground dungeons and castles with complicated structures.

From lush grasslands and forests where no light can reach, to the sea which extends endlessly and lakes where a variety of enemies are stirring, to deep valleys with something lurking in the stormy mountains...… It’s all seamlessly connected in the Lands Between. This is where the map becomes important.
The map you have at the beginning only gives you a rough idea of the terrain. As you continue to explore, more information will be added. Your map shows your current position and the Sites of Grace you have discovered. You can update your map with new information such as the terrain and buildings in the surrounding area by finding Map Fragments at steles along the road. You won't know if it is an underground tomb or a church until you actually see it with your own eyes, but one of the main features of this game is that you can explore the unknown by yourself. Through your map, you can instantly travel to any sites of grace that you've discovered, which is an indispensable feature for adventuring in the Lands Between.


You need a Spectral Steed Whistle to summon the Spectral Steed. In the network test, it was available from Melina after resting at a Site of Grace, but it is recommended to get the Spectral Steed Whistle as soon as you are in Limgrave.


You can use the map to freely place beacons of light to serve as landmarks as you explore. It's convenient to travel to a place you want to go without checking the map every time. Utilizing these features to deepen your exploration.


Crafting items is the key to continuing the adventure

One thing you should not forget during your journey through the Lands Between is items. The consumables that can restore HP and FP or heal any status ailments should be carried at all times. While some items can be obtained by defeating enemies or from treasure chests, the most familiar way to obtain items is using materials to craft items.

Everything that lives in the Lands Between can be used as materials, including plants such as fruits, flowers, and mushrooms, minerals, insects, and wild animals. You need a crafting kit to craft items from the materials you've collected, and in the network test, it was available at a low price from a merchant at the Church of Elleh near the starting point. It would be a good idea to purchase a crafting kit first for the long journey.


A Cookbook is necessary to increase the number of items that can be crafted. The cookbook can be purchased from merchants, obtained from treasure chests, or as a reward for defeating enemies and can be obtained in a variety of ways. The more cookbook you acquired, the more items can be crafted and the more options you have, the wider the range of tactics.

It is also possible to craft a throwing pot that has a special effect, but you are not able to make more than the number of cracked pots which is the container, you have. Since items cannot be crafted during combat, it is better to check the number of times you can use have left and how many you have, including recovery items after combat.


Site of Grace is the basic fundamental that opens up the journey

The sites of grace are located throughout the Lands Between. They are not just a fast travel point, but also feature a variety of functions.

Resting at a Site of Grace will restore all your HP and FP, and the number of times you can use the flask of crimson tears, which restores HP, and the flask of cerulean tears, which restores FP. However, most of the enemies you've defeated will be revived. The number of uses and the restoration can be increased by using specific items. You can also distribute the number of uses in each of your flasks (for example, if the maximum number of times you can use is 4, you can distribute the number of uses of the flask of crimson tears is 3 and the flask of cerulean tears is 1, etc.). You can also mix physicks in the Flask of Wondrous Physicks to create elixirs at Sites of Grace.


You can also spend runes to level up, pass time, and move time forward at Sites of Grace. You can defeat enemies near the Sites of Grace, proceed with the exploration, rest to revive enemies, or pass time to gain runes and level up. If you feel uneasy about moving on, you can move with the focus on Sites of Grace.

In addition, you can memorize sorceries and incantations at sites of grace. (You must have a staff equipped to cast sorceries, or a sacred seal equipped to cast incantations.) You can also use the ashes of war at a Site of Grace to bestow new battle arts and affinities to armaments.

Even if you have exceeded your inventory limit when you get an item, it will be automatically placed in a chest and you can organize it at Sites of Grace. You can organize the items stored in the chest at Sites of Grace. If you have acquired more items than the inventory limit, they will be placed in the chest, so you can sort and equip them at Sites of Grace.

As you can see from these features, Sites of Grace are very important in the adventure. In addition, Sites of Grace emit a light called the Guidance of Grace. If you follow the light, you will find a new Site of Grace or structures, and if you follow it as a guide, at least you won't get lost.


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