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This Policy constitutes a contract between thecustomer and KADOKAWA Game Linkage regardinguse of this Website (including services related to thisWebsite).

If you use this Website, KADOKAWA Game Linkagewill deem that you have agreed to the terms andconditions of use stipulated in this Policy. If you do notagree to the terms and conditions of use stipulated inthis Policy, please refrain from using this Website.

1.About this Website

  1. KADOKAWA Game Linkage will provide youthrough this Website with information and servicesrelating to games and other entertainment as well ascertain services for registered users.

  2. You will be able to use our services for registeredusers by registering for use. When registering for use,you will need to agree to the user policy, terms andconditions of use, etc. for our services for registeredusers and follow the registration proceduresprescribed by KADOKAWA Game Linkage separately.For the specific registration procedures, please checkthe registration page for the relevant services.

  3. This Website may be discontinued without notice.

2.Handling of Personal Information

Personal information provided (registered) by youwhen using this Website and our services forregistered users will be handled properly and lawfullyin accordance with the provisions of the PrivacyPolicy of KADOKAWA Game Linkage.

3.Intellectual Property Rights

Copyrights, trademark rights and any otherintellectual property rights pertaining to this Website(including texts, images, videos, etc. comprising thisWebsite) belong to KADOKAWA Game Linkage orother right holders. You are strictly prohibited by lawfrom reproducing, adapting, publishing, screening,making available for rental, selling, distributing,displaying, publicly transmitting (including makingautomatic public transmission available), etc. in wholeor in part of this Website without obtaining properconsent from KADOKAWA Game Linkage or the rightholder.


KADOKAWA Game Linkage does not accept yourideas, opinions, thoughts, proposals, etc. (hereinafterreferred to as “Idea(s)”). If you send us your Idea(s)nevertheless, you will be deemed to have waivedyour rights and interests to such Idea(s), andKADOKAWA Game Linkage may use such Idea(s)without your permission, and shall not be under anyobligation to notify you as to its adoption or not, orprovide consideration for such Idea(s), etc. to you.Further, KADOKAWAGame Linkage shall not beliable whatsoever for any damage or dispute that mayarise against you or a third party in relation to yourIdea(s).

5.Setting of Links

You may set a link to this Website using a hyperlinkfunction of the Internet on any website you desire. Insuch a case, you shall comply with the following:

  1. You shall not set any link in a such manner thatundermines the credibility of KADOKAWA GameLinkage and this Website.

  2. f you receive a notice from KADOKAWA GameLinkage regarding removal of a set link, you shallremove such link setting for any reason whatsoeverwithout delay.

6.Prohibition of DoS Attack (Denial of ServiceAttack)

You shall not carry out a DoS attack (meaninglesslyincreasing the load and traffic by sending a largenumber of connection requests to a web server, FTPserver, mail server, etc. to hinder or disrupt serviceoperations) on this Website. If any damage is incurredby KADOKAWA Game Linkage as a result of suchattack, KADOKAWA Game Linkage may demandcompensation from such attacker for such damage.


  1. KADOKAWA Game Linkage shall take utmost careto maintain the credibility of this Website, but does notmake any warranty as to the accuracy or fitness for aparticular purpose of any information posted on thisWebsite (including information posted by other thanKADOKAWA Game Linkage). You shall use thisWebsite at your own discretion and responsibility.

  2. KADOKAWA Game Linkage shall not be held liableto compensate for any damage incurred by you or athird party that may arise directly or indirectly fromuse, etc. of this Website, unless the same isattributable to intention or gross negligence on thepart of KADOKAWA Game Linkage.

  3. KADOKAWA Game Linkage shall not be held liablefor any trouble, dispute, etc. that may arise betweenyou and a third party as a result of your use of thisWebsite.

  4. Links to certain internet sites opened/operated bythird parties (hereinafter referred to as “Third-PartySite(s)”) are set on some sections of this Website.When using this Website, you may move from thisWebsite to a Third-Party Site through such links.Please take sufficient care and maintain awarenessthat, since such Third-Party Sites areopened/operated by corporations or individuals, etc.other than KADOKAWA Game Linkage, this Policyand the terms and conditions of use of this Websitedo not apply. Further, if you use any Third-Party Site,please refer separately to the precautions, etc. forsuch Third-Party Site and use at your own discretionand responsibility.

8.Changes to this Policy

When making any change to this Policy, KADOKAWAGame Linkage, in principle, will inform the usersthereof by notifying or announcing the content andtiming of effectuation of such change on this Website.If you use this Service after any such change is madeto this Policy by KADOKAWA Game Linkage, you willbe deemed by KADOKAWA Game Linkage to haveagreed to such changed Policy; provided that, in caseof any change for which consent by the users isrequired by law, such consent of the users will beobtained by a method prescribed by KADOKAWAGame Linkage.

9.Governing Law

This Policy shall be governed by and construed inaccordance with the laws of Japan.

10.Agreed Jurisdiction

If any action needs to be filed in relation to the use ofthis Website or interpretation/application of this Policy,the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusivejurisdiction for the first instance.

Last revised on:February 19, 2021

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