ELDEN RING was released by From Software on February 25, 2022.


 This week's Eldenring] is a compilation of relevant information released after June 24, 2022. In this issue, we will introduce the official complete strategy book is now available for pre-order, the Gideon-Ofnir strategy video, and more.

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Soft Vinyl Figures of Tsubohito Sold at "onefes 2022 [Summer]".

 SCIENCE PATROL, a company that designs, manufactures, and sells soft vinyl figures, will be selling a soft vinyl figure of "Tsubohito" from "Eldenring" at "Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer]" to be held on July 24, 2022 (Sunday) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture. The figure will be on sale at Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer] to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture on July 24 (Sun.), 2022.

 This product is a licensed product officially approved by FromSoftware. Tickets are required to enter "Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer]," so check onefest official website for details.

Recruitment for development staff has begun at FromSoftware.

 From Software, the developer of "Elden Ring", is recruiting development staff for several new projects. The recruitment is large-scale, with as many as 22 positions open, including planning (game planner), game programmer, and 3D graphic artist. To learn more, check out the Recruitment page on From Software's official website.

This week's "Elden Ring" strategy information

 This week's "Eldenring" strategy video is from the "Famitsu Strategy Channel". This week, we will show you how to get the limited drop weapon "Bandit's Bay Sword" and the rare weapon "Messenger's Fan Flute" from the curved sword, as well as the "Golden Rule, Radagon" strategy. The Golden Rule, Radagon".

Famitsu Strategy Channel" official YouTube channel

Efficient route to obtain the "Bandit's Bay Sword

 The "Bandit's Bay Sword" is included in Part 3, a video explaining limited-drop weapons. The third video shows how to obtain the "Bandit's Bay Sword" at the "Pilgrimage Church" area, but this video explains how to obtain the sword efficiently at a different location.

Eldenring: Efficient route for the drop-only curved sword "Bandit's Bay Sword".

Enemy locations that drop the **rare weapon "Fan Flute of the Messengers

 This video introduces three locations where the "Messengers' Fan Flute" (extra-large weapon), a rare weapon that is only available as a drop item, appears in Michaela's Sacred Tree on the Ridge of the Giants. It is a very difficult weapon to obtain, so be sure to check the route in the video.


Elden Ring: Enemies who drop "Fan Flute of the Messengers" (Sacred Tree of Michaela)

Capturing the two rounds of Godfrey & Hola Lou.

 The two battles of "Godfrey, the First King" and "Hora Lou, the Warrior" unfold in the ash city of Rhode Island. Here is a video explaining the key to victory in the battle that unfolds at the end of the story.


Elden Ring Attack: Hora Lou (Godfrey) in the Ash City of Rodale.

Conquer the first form of the last boss, "Radagon, the Golden Rule

 This is a video of the battle against "Radagon, the Golden Rule," the first form of the last boss of the main storyline that unfolds in the ash city of Rhode Island. It is a very strong enemy, but the video does not assume the summoning of battle techniques or spirits, so the content is useful when considering how to get around.

Eldenring: The first form of the last boss "The Golden Rule, Radagon" (Ash City Rodale)

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