The YouTube "Famitsu Strategy Channel", which is currently running a series of "ELDEN RING" strategy videos, is releasing new videos "almost every day". This time, we'll show you how to defeat the boss, the Dark Bastard, Aster, whom you fight in the Lake of Rot!

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Eldenring attack: defeat Aster, the bastard of darkness (Lake of Rot)

 Aster, the boss of the Lake of Rottenness, the Bastard of Darkness, has a large body that makes it difficult to see his motions, and in addition, he launches a variety of powerful attacks at various distances, but there are plenty of opportunities to attack him.

 Please refer to the description of how to deal with the two instant-death attacks, as well as the attack opportunities. It's also important to know that you can count on the help of the relics, whose strength lies in their long range!

『エルデンリング』攻略動画:暗黒の落とし子、アステール討伐(ファミ通 攻略ch)

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