ELDEN RING was released by From Software on February 25, 2022.

【今週のエルデンリング】宮崎英高氏“CEDEC AWARDS 2022”特別賞を受賞/figma“霊馬・トレント”制作が決定/最新アップデートVer.1.06配信/ドロップ限定武器解説動画などをピックアップ!
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 This [this week's Elden Ring] will provide a summary of all relevant information released after July 29, 2022.

Mr. Hidetaka Miyazaki won the "CEDEC AWARDS 2022" Special Award.

 CEDEC 2022 (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference 2022) will be held online from August 23 to 25, 2022. In the "CEDEC AWARDS 2022," which honors the achievements of developers in the field of computer entertainment development, a special award will be given to a person who has contributed to the overall development of "Elden Ring", received the award.

Figma of "Trent," the spirit horse, is now on sale.

 Max Factory's action figure series "figma" has announced the commercialization of a movable figure of Trent, the spirit horse that is Fusehito's trusty "partner". The figure is a figma of Trent, the "spirit horse" who is Fusejin's trusty "partner".

Latest update file Ver. 1.06 has been distributed.

 On August 9, 2022, update file Ver. 1.06 was delivered to improve gameplay stability and balance adjustment.

 This update adds the ability to send summons signs to multiple areas, including distant areas, and a new way to progress through the events of the NPC "White Masked Valley" by defeating new NPCs in addition to the previous way of progression. Balance adjustments have also been made, such as improving the motion speed of the sword, sword, and hammer attacks, as well as the "Death of the Corpse" and "Hound's Step" techniques.

 After the update file has been applied, the version in the lower right corner of the title screen will read "App Ver. 1.06/Regulation Ver. 1.06," so be sure to check before playing.

This week's "Elden Ring" strategy information

 This week's "Eldenring" strategy videos on the "Famitsu Strategy Channel" include a summary of limited-drop weapons for flail and extra-large weapons, a summary of limited-drop weapons for hammers, and the "Cave of the Shore" where the "Great Sword of the Golden Rule" can be obtained. The following three videos are from the "Eldenring" strategy videos.

Famitsu Strategy Channel" official YouTube channel

Explains limited drop weapons in the flail and oversized weapon categories

 The following four weapons are drop-only weapons in the flail category: the "Renson Cudgel," the "Fighter's Axe," the "Golem's Axe and Lance," and the "Messenger's Fan Flute. The "Fan Flute of the Messengers," which is an oversized weapon that is a drop-only weapon. In the video, the characteristics and performance of these weapons are explained in detail, as well as where to obtain them.

【今週のエルデンリング】宮崎英高氏“CEDEC AWARDS 2022”特別賞を受賞/figma“霊馬・トレント”制作が決定/最新アップデートVer.1.06配信/ドロップ限定武器解説動画などをピックアップ!

Elden Ring Strategy: flail, oversized weapons drop limited weapons summary (4 total)

Explaining the limited drop weapons of the Great Hammer

 The five limited-drop weapons of the mallet are the "curved club," "pickaxe," "battle hammer," "big horn mallet," and "long flute of the messengers. The five weapons are the "Curved Cudgel," "Pickaxe," "Battle Hammer," "Long Flute of the Messengers. This video explains the characteristics and performance of these weapons, as well as where to obtain them (where to go around).

【今週のエルデンリング】宮崎英高氏“CEDEC AWARDS 2022”特別賞を受賞/figma“霊馬・トレント”制作が決定/最新アップデートVer.1.06配信/ドロップ限定武器解説動画などをピックアップ!

Elden Ring Strategy: Summary of limited drop weapons for the Great Hammer (5 total)

 The following video is also available to explain the drop-only weapons, so please check it out as well.

Conquer the "Cave of the Shore" where you can obtain the "Great Sword of the Golden Rule".

 The "Cave of the Shorelands" is located on the mountain ridge of the giants. Although there are many battles with tough mixed species, there are many items, and if you defeat the boss, the "Holy Knight of Mixed Species," you can obtain the "Great Sword of the Golden Rule The boss, "The Holy Knight of the Mixed Species," can be defeated to obtain the "Great Sword of the Golden Rule," a weapon that can be used in the "Golden Rule Raising" technique.

 Check out the video for a detailed description of the dungeon, including where to find items, where the enemies appear, and how to defeat the bosses.

Eldenring: "The Cave of the Edge" where you can obtain the "Great Sword of the Golden Rule" (Ridge of the Giants).

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