ELDEN RING was released by From Software on February 25, 2022.


 This week's Eldenring] will provide a summary of relevant information released after June 17, 2022. In this issue, we will introduce the official complete strategy book is now available for pre-order, the Gideon-Ofnir strategy video, and more.

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The official and complete "Eldenring" strategy book is now available for pre-order!

 The "Eldenring Official Complete Guide" is scheduled for release on July 22, 2022. Part of the inside pages of the book was revealed in the following article.

 The guide includes a solid explanation of various data such as equipment and battle techniques, as well as boss battles, a map showing the dungeon terrain and the location of items to be obtained, and a flowchart that allows players to aim for the ending while accomplishing NPC events. The book also includes information on ending branching conditions and information on playing around the game, so even if you have already completed the game, you can enjoy a new adventure while checking out the information in this book.


"The Official Complete Guide to Eldenring" Product Specifications

  • Release date: July 22, 2022
  • List price: 2970 yen (2700 yen + tax)
  • Specifications: A4 size / 592 pages (all color)
  • Published by KADOKAWA Game Linkage
  • Published by KADOKAWA
Click here to purchase "The Official Complete Guide to Eldenring" (Amazon.co.jp).

This week's "Elden Ring" strategy information

 This week's "Eldenring" strategy video is brought to you by the "Famitsu Strategy Channel. This week's video includes a summary of the 9 limited drop weapons of the curved sword and the great curved sword, as well as an explanation of how to easily defeat "Lord Hyakuchi, Gideon Aufnir".

Famitsu Strategy Channel" official YouTube channel

9 limited drop weapons for **Curved Sword and Great Curved Sword

 Following Part 1, which explains the drop-only weapons of daggers and straight swords, and Part 2, followed by a video explaining the following 9 drop-only weapons in the curved sword and large curved sword categories.

Curved Sword

  • Falchion
  • Gross Mesmer
  • Bandit's bay sword
  • The Curved Sword of the Beastman
  • Lava Sword

Great curved sword

  • Zanbatou
  • The great sword of the abomination child
  • The Flame Sword of the Monk
  • The Great Sword of the Beastman

 It includes not only the attack motions and battle techniques of each weapon, but also the locations of enemies that drop.

Elden Ring Strategy: 9 limited drop weapons for curved sword and great curved sword.

How to defeat "Lord Hyakuchi, Gideon Aufnir" in a very easy way.

 You will face "Lord Hyakuchi, Gideon d'Aufnir" in "Ash City Rodale". He is a formidable boss who uses a variety of magic and prayers, but we will teach you how to defeat him easily by exploiting his weak points.


Elden Ring Strategy: How to defeat Lord Hyakuchi and Gideon-Ofnir very easily (Ash City Rodale)

Three items to get in Ash City Rosedale

 The following is an easy-to-understand explanation of how to obtain the following items that can be obtained in Ash Metropolis Rosedale and will definitely be useful in your adventures.

  • Scarlet Amber Medallion +2: An item that greatly increases the maximum value of HP
  • Mourning Color Forging Stone of Old Dragon Rock: A valuable item for strengthening weapons, which can only be obtained in limited numbers in one round.
  • Golden Tree Grace +2: Item that increases maximum HP, stamina, and maximum equipment weight

Elden Ring Strategy: 3 essential items to obtain in the ash city of Rosedale

How to obtain the "Silver Scarab

 The "Silver Scarab" is a talisman that increases the "discoverability" of a person's status by 75. We present a 120-second video showing how to obtain it. By watching this video, you will be able to easily pass through that "difficult spot" without any worries.

Eldenring: How to get the "Silver Scarab" in 120 seconds (The Secret Path to the Holy Tree)

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