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 This time, we will introduce a video on the boss, the Divine Skin Noble Breed, which you will face in the Cathedral of Aiglei in the Germia Volcano.

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Erdene Ring Attacks the noble species of the divine skin (Gelmia volcano).

 The divine-skinned noble species has a wide variety of mid-range attacks that can do a lot of damage if they hit, but they also actually have a lot of gaps.

 This video focuses on the "God's Skin" noble species of Germia volcano, but other than countermeasures against the rolling attack after the HP decreases and the attack pattern changes, this strategy can also be used for the same species fought in other locations such as Rienie and Ridge of the Giants, so please check out the contents of this video!

『エルデンリング』ゲルミア火山で対峙する神肌の貴種を攻略(ファミ通 攻略ch)

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