ELDEN RING was released by From Software on February 25, 2022.


 This week's Eldenring, a collection of information released on and after April 10, 2022, is a collection of useful information for adventurers in the "land between the cracks".

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Information on the "Elden Ring" strategy

 The "Eldenring" strategy videos are available on the "Famitsu Strategy Channel. This time, we will introduce the following videos, so if you find one that interests you, please check it out.

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The second half of the "Lani the Witch" event route explained.

 The route from "Rena's Sorceress Tower" to the "Altar of Moonlight," which you will follow in the second half of the "Lani the Witch" event, is explained. It is a rather long route, but we will introduce the route if you proceed to the destination "Altar of Moonlight" without taking any side trips, taking into account spoilers as much as possible.

Explanation of the path of the second half of the event for the Witch, Lani (Lena's Magician Tower - Altar of Moonlight)

Dragon tree guard, Godfrey, Morgott attack

 Explanation of the key to victory in the battle against the bosses encountered in the royal city of Rosedale.

 The "Dragon Tree Guard," the boss who should be called the gatekeeper, "Godfrey, the First King," one of the bosses, and "Morgoth, the Abominable King. The "Farewell" is a collection of powerful enemies that stand in front of the fading people, so please refer to them.

Defeat the dragon tree guard! (King's Landing, Rosedale)

The first king, Godfrey, was defeated by sticking with evasion! (King's Landing, Rosedale)

Abomination King, Early settlement of the battle against Morgoth is a good idea (King's Landing, Rosedale).

Route to the "Lienier's God-given Tower" explained in 80 seconds.

 This is a TIPS video explaining in 80 seconds how to get from "Carlia's library" to "Lienier's God-given tower". Please note that most of the enemies along the way are skipped and the event scenes are omitted.

Your 80-second guide! Directions to the God-given Tower of Rienie

Summary of Kenneth Hite's events

 This video explains the events of Kenneth Hite, an NPC located at the rubble north of the edge of the Blessed and Misty Forest in Rimgrave. In addition to the "Dagger of Brass," you can also get the item "Forge Stone of Old Dragon Rock," which increases your weapon to +25, so check out the video to find out more.

Summary of events for Kenneth Hite (NPC)

Recommendations for obtaining **"Forge Stone Digging Bell Balls [1]".

 If you offer "Forging Stone Digger's Bell Ball [1]" to the Twin Old Women at the Shop of Great Blessing, you can get "Forging Stone [1]" and "Forging Stone [2]", which are essential for strengthening weapons. " as a regular commodity for an unlimited number of purchases. If you haven't gotten your hands on such a bell jade yet, watch the video below and head to the Realcaria Crystal Tunnel right away!

Recommendation for obtaining the item "Forge Stone Digging Bell Ball [1]" (Realcaria Crystal Tunnel)

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