Famitsu Strategy Channel, a YouTube channel that is currently running a series of "ELDEN RING" strategy videos, releases a new video "almost every day". This time, the recently released video "5 highly recommended "ashes"! "], here's how to get the "Headless Knight, Luther"!

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Eldenring attack: How to obtain the ashes "Headless Knight, Luther" (crypt in Mausoleum Plain)

 When obtaining the powerful ashes "Headless Knight, Luther", you will have to conquer the crypts of the mausoleum field on the peninsula of the soporifics.

 The dungeon structure itself is not complicated, although the fire-breathing pillars with imp statues and skeletons that will revive if not killed are troublesome.

 The boss's graveyard shadow is captured in "Black Blades Crypt" video, and it is relatively easier to fight than the graveyard shadow in that case, so please be sure to check out one of the highly recommended ashes, "The Headless Knight, Lou Get your "tell"!

『エルデンリング』攻略動画:遺灰「首なし騎士、ルーテル」入手方法(ファミ通 攻略ch)

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