Three weeks after its release on February 25, 2022, the buzz about FromSoftware's latest title, ELDEN RING, continues to spread in various places.

 Even though most players have been playing since the day of its release, most of them have yet to play through its vast world. In this issue, we will provide a summary of the latest information and related information announced after March 12, 2022 for those players.

Elden Ring sold more than 12 million copies worldwide & shipped more than 1 million copies in Japan.

 Elden Ring has shipped more than 1 million copies in Japan and more than 12 million copies worldwide, according to a release from Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. What's more, this is a surprising figure as of March 14, 2022, about half a month after its release.

 Considering the huge number of people still talking about "Eldenring" on social networking sites, and the large number of fans distributing gameplay, this number is expected to continue to grow.

Latest update files distributed

 On March 17, 2022, an update file (App Ver. 1.03) was distributed to improve gameplay stability and balance adjustments. Various changes were made to various aspects.

 Notable among the additions is the ability to record an icon and the NPC's name on a map when encountering an NPC. The location of merchants and other information can now be checked on the map, which is quite convenient. Also noteworthy is the addition of new phases to some NPC events.


 In addition, the balance adjustment made in this update has improved a number of magic techniques, but at the same time, the "frost stamping," "blood slash," "blood slash," "blood stabbing," and "blood slash" techniques, which were known as too powerful warfare techniques, have been improved. The "Sword of Night and Fire" and the "Ironclad Shield" were revised downward.

 The "frost stamping" effect remains broad, but its power has been reduced and it can no longer be fired in short bursts as before. On the other hand, there are still countless powerful techniques, so players who have been fighting mainly with these techniques should try using other powerful techniques to find the one that suits their style and situation.


 For more information on this update, please refer to Elden Ring official website.

A series of strategy trailers are now available on the "Famitsu Strategy Channel".

 The YouTube channel "Famitsu Strategy Channel," which was established to coincide with the release of Elden Ring, is releasing a series of strategy trailers this week that are sure to be useful in the game.

Famitsu Strategy Channel Official Twitter
Famitsu Strategy Channel official YouTube channel

 The various bosses and dungeon strategies are explained, so if you are playing, please check back to see if you have missed any elements.

Eldenring Strategy] Easily defeat Smarag the Pyroxene Dragon!

Elden Ring Strategy: Two Ashes in One Dungeon! (Dead-end crypt)

Eldenring Strategy] Trent Riding is recommended to defeat the incarnation of the Golden Tree!

Eldenring attack: Ladagon's red wolves are defeated by focusing on their attack opportunities!

How many minutes before the start of the popular war ashes "frost stepping" can be obtained?

Elden Ring Attack] Two of the kidnapped maiden dolls were defeated with a spirit hate mission!

 It has been almost a month since its release, but the adventure in the Lands between is still far from over for many Tarnished. However, we hope that you will not panic, but take your time and enjoy the journey through this vast world.

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