On February 25, 2022, the long-awaited action RPG "Elden Ring" (ELDEN RING, released by From Software) will finally be released. I'm sure that many game fans are currently enjoying their adventures in the "Land Between".

 For many of them, "Erden Ring" will be their first exposure to the world of FromSoftware. While this is a completely new game with a completely new world, it is also a legitimate evolution of the "Dark Souls" series. For this reason, there are some elements that can be easily grasped by those who have experienced the "Soul" series, but from a beginner's point of view, there will be some things that will make you wonder, "What is this? If you're a newcomer to the series, you're probably wondering, "What is this?

 In this section, we'll be answering some of the questions that we've asked from beginners in the Famitsu editorial department, as well as some questions that we think many beginners will have. For those of you who have already been through the adventure, this is a good place to start. Even for those who have already been through the adventure, there are sure to be new discoveries, so please take a look (the buttons used in the operation explanation are based on the PS4 and PS5 versions).

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Q. If you have a beginner's prime, let me know!

 If I had to choose one, I would recommend a wandering knight who has a shield with 100% physical damage cut rate and high life force. If you dare to choose one, I recommend the wandering knight who has a shield with 100% physical damage cut rate and high life force. Also, equipment can be dropped by enemies from the beginning of the game or purchased in stores for customization, so this is advice for intermediate to advanced players.

  • Choose an identity that suits your roleplay.
    • (Especially if you want to use magic and prayer, choose a character that can use them from the beginning.) (If you want to use magic or prayer, choose a character that you can use from the start.) - Choose a character with low abilities that you don't want to raise. It is also recommended to

Q. How do I level up? No matter how many times I fight, my level never goes up!

 If you rest (not just touch) at the blessing "before the gate" near the ruins in front of the gate in the west of Rimglaive, an event will occur in which the NPC Melina will appear, and after that you can spend runes to level up (increase any ability value) anywhere in the blessing. The runes are "experience". You can think of runes as "experience" and "money" at the same time. In this event, you will also receive the "Spirit Horse's Finger Whistle" which will allow you to summon the Spirit Horse Trent. There are other blessings where Melina appears in addition to the one in front of the gate.


Q. Which ability values should a beginner raise first?

 Please refer to the following policy in the beginning.

  • No matter what your training policy is, the one thing you can't lose is your vitality. If you get hit by an attack and don't die from a single blow, you can still fight!
  • The next thing you can't afford to lose is your mental strength; increasing FP is useful for characters who use magic and prayer, but also for players who want to use powerful fighting techniques and powerful spirits.
  • There is no harm in increasing endurance as well. It will allow you to wear heavy equipment, which will lead to increased defense when you are hit. However, characters who use magic or prayer need to avoid being attacked too much, so think carefully about whether you want to focus on spirituality or endurance.
  • It is recommended that you raise the strength, skill, intelligence, faith, and mysticism to match the required ability values of the equipment you want to use. In the early stages of the game, it is easier to increase your attack power by strengthening your weapons than by increasing your abilities.

 From the middle of the game onward, you can increase the attack power by increasing the ability value you like (i.e. the ability value you think you lack. For example, if your weapon's attack power is low, you can assign it to a power value that has a high ability correction for that weapon. After the middle of the game, you can also reassign ability values by using items at certain locations. Even if you just randomly increase the ability value, you can get it back later.

Q. I understand that once you die, the runes will fall into place! But if I die again before I get it back, will I be able to get it back ......?

 No, you can't get them back! So be careful when retrieving runes after death. Also, if you don't save up a lot of runes, but spend them frequently by leveling up or shopping, you won't suffer as much mental damage if you lose them.

 For example, when you go to a dungeon for the first time, check the amount of runes you have, and if you think you are almost ready to level up, use items such as "golden runes" to raise your level before proceeding.

 Dropped runes will be displayed with a glowing branch-like effect (the arrow in the picture below), and the compass at the top of the screen will show which direction they are in (the circled area in the picture below).


Q. How do I pause (pause) during a game? I'm attacked by enemies even after opening the menu. ......

 There is no pause in this game! If you want to pause the game, select "Quit Game" in the system menu. If you want to stop the game, select "Quit" from the system menu. If you need to leave the game temporarily, it is almost always safer to use "Blessing" to make sure you are resting.

 Also, this is a backdoor trick, but if you quit the game when you are in a pinch ......, the enemies will return to their initial positions and you will no longer be a target. Also, during a boss battle, they will return to the position they were in before entering the boss area. Therefore, if you want to recover runes lost in a boss battle, you can enter the boss battle, recover runes, quit the game, and restart it without defeating the boss. The best thing to do is not to challenge a boss battle with runes stored up. ......


Q. Is there any disadvantage to calling the Spirit Horse Trent again after death?

 There are no major disadvantages, but if Trent dies, you will have to spend a bottle of the Scarlet Chalice when you call him back, which will have a slight negative impact on your ability to continue the fight. If possible, use a raisin-based item to restore Trent's HP before he dies.

Q. How do I use the equipment slots for items that can be used with the □ button, and the pouches that can be used by holding down the △ button and using the directional keys?

 In order to recover HP in a hurry, you should use the □ button to equip the item slot for the Scarlet Chalice Bottle as much as possible. The pouches that can be used without changing the item slots (circled in the screen below) can be set to anything you like, but it is best to set items that you will use regularly but at limited times. For example, it is recommended to set the "Spirit Horse Whistle", lanterns, and spirit bodies in the pouch. It is also a good idea to set a blue drop chalice bottle or a chalice bottle of elixir.

The area circled by the red square is the porch. You can set it by opening the menu and moving the cursor to the right.

 For items in the equipment slots that are used with the □ button, pressing and holding the bottom of the directional key will return the cursor to the first item you set. For this reason, I think it is best to set the first item to the Scarlet Chalice Bottle.

Q. I can set 6 items in my pouch, but there are 4 shortcuts corresponding to the directional keys. How do I use the other two?

 The other two shortcuts are not as easy to use as the directional shortcuts, but they have the advantage that you can select an item by opening the menu without having to go through your inventory to find it. For this reason, it is recommended to set items that are used regularly but with limited timing, and even more limited opportunities.

 For example, if you want to get a good look at an NPC's face, or if you want to aim your crossbow or sorcery at an enemy. If you do a lot of multiplayer, you may want to set up a caller head that emits a voice such as "Thank you" for communication.

Q. I don't know how to use the gestures in a hurry. In the PS5 and PS4 versions, the gestures are drawn to look like shaking the controller, but it doesn't work when you actually shake it. ......

 As with the pouch shortcut, you can shortcut the gesture by holding down the △ button and shaking the controller. However, if you're not used to it, you may end up doing different gestures, so it's best to choose one from the menu.

Q. I want to play cooperative multiplayer, but how do I play multiplayer?

 For more information about multiplayer, please refer to the following article.

Q. I want to look back at the tips that are displayed when new elements are introduced, where can I find them?

 You can find them in the "Info" section of your inventory. Note that if a tip does not have an image, it will not be stored in your inventory either.


Q. I got some arrows and bolts, but I don't know how to use them. Where can I get the bow itself?

 A. You can get a bow from the Wandering Folk merchants along the coast west of Rimgrave, who sell short bows. Most merchants sell arrows, but if you have the appropriate process book, you can also make items such as bone arrows. Bows are useful in a variety of situations, so it is recommended that all players have a bow ready for use.


Q. I bought a tool bag, but I haven't used it at all ....... What do you recommend I make when making items? Also, when I tried to make a flame pot, it told me that there was no crack pot. Where is it?

 It's hard to choose a recommendation because every item basically has a performance that shines in certain situations. ...... If I had to pick one, I'd say the most frequent items are raisin items that can restore the HP of a spirit horse, the "hooked finger finger potion" needed for multiplayer, and fatty items that can add non-physical attributes to weapons. Many enemies have some kind of weakness, so fatty items are mainly useful in boss battles.

 Basically, you can go on without making items, but you may find yourself wishing you had this item later on. You may end up regretting it. It's a good idea to pick up material items when you see them, and also to explore and collect process books. Incidentally, material items can be resurrected by resting in a blessing, so if there are material items near the blessing, it is even safer to rest several times and collect them again and again. Crack pots are sold by some merchants, and can also be found in dungeons.

Q. I got the "Crush of Brilliance" spell, set my intelligence to 10, and set it to memory with a blessing, but I can't use it! Why?

 You need to equip a staff for magic and a holy seal for prayer. If you don't have them equipped in your initial state, you may need to progress the game to a certain extent, depending on how you proceed.

Q. There seems to be a kind of helper called a spirit, but where do I get it?

 After you get the "Spirit Horse's Finger Whistle" from Melina, you can get the "Spirit Bell" and "Ashes of the Stray Wolf" by talking to the NPCs you meet at the Church of Ele at night. After that, you'll be able to find them in various places. From then on, you will be able to summon a variety of spirits for each ash you obtain at various locations. If you missed the event with the NPCs, you can also purchase the "Spirit Summoning Bell" at certain locations.

Q. I got the "Spirit Bell" and ashes, but I don't know how to use them. ...... I can't use the ashes even if I set them in an item or pouch. ......

 In fact, you can't use the ashes anywhere unless there is an object called a "Monument of Returned Souls" nearby. When the "Monument of Returned Souls" is nearby, a white "inscription icon" will appear on the left side of the screen (the arrow in the picture below). Even if you can't use the ashes before the boss area, there are many cases where you can use the ashes once you enter the boss area. When you enter the boss area, check if you can use the ashes first, instead of just running into the boss.

When the inscription icon is displayed on the left side of the screen, you can use the ashes.

Q. All the weapons I get are as strong as my initial equipment, or even weaker, what does that mean?

 Basically, in this game, weapons that have not been strengthened (although the basic power varies depending on the type of weapon) have almost the same performance, and will not get stronger unless you forge them. Instead, generally speaking, any equipment can be forged into a weapon that can be used until the end of the game. Weapons can be strengthened up to +3 at the forge table in the Church of Ere if you have "Forge Stones [1]" (you need 2 for +1, 4 for +2, and 6 for +3). Subsequent enhancements can be done elsewhere.

 Note that obtaining forging stones is a bit of a hassle, so it's not a good idea to try to strengthen all of them. I'll explain in more detail in the next section, but it's best to limit yourself to two or three types of weapons in the beginning.

Q. Do I need to forge weapons frequently? A. Yes, you should.

 I think it's best to focus on two melee weapons first, then one long-distance weapon, and strengthen them frequently. This is not to say that it's okay to just go with what you have, but it's better to strengthen the weapons you have and work hard at it than to waste time strengthening them and making the game more difficult, which in turn causes more stress.

 The key to this is to have two weapons with different physical attack attributes, one with strikes and one with slashes or stabs. This way, you'll be able to deal with enemies that have physical attacks that don't work well on you. In particular, weapons with a striking attribute will work well against the ore miners in the tunnels, so it's a good idea to strengthen them.

 In terms of performance, the most important criteria for selecting a weapon is the ease of use of the attack motion and whether or not it can easily stun the enemy. For example, if you use a weak attack, the enemy will not flinch and will ignore your attack, but if you use a strong attack or jump attack, you can flinch the enemy and attack them unilaterally. The performance of these attacks does not change when you strengthen them, so you can check them when they are unenhanced.

 Also. This is a comment for intermediate players, but you can also overcome the shortcomings of a weapon by using battle ashes to replace it with a different battle technique (e.g., a weapon with a short reach can be equipped with a battle ash that can attack from a distance). Shields can also be strengthened, but the important items of shields, such as cut rate and guard strength, cannot be strengthened, or their growth is slow. It's best to leave strengthening them for later. Also, armor cannot be enhanced.

 For your information, here is an example of the equipment of one of our players. You can get this equipment relatively early in the game, but if you strengthen it, you can use it well into the future.

  • Uchi Katana (Initial equipment for Samurai. The main weapon.)
  • Warpic (Dropped by the Royal Guard in Rimgrave. Subweapon.)
  • Brass shield (dropped by a soldier in the kingdom of Rimgrave)  In the end, it's best to use the weapon you like the most.

Q. I don't know how to use the war techniques! If you equip a sword in your right hand and a shield in your left, you can only use the shield's war technique. ...... If I have a sword in my right hand and a shield in my left hand, I can only use the battle techniques of my shield.

 If you have a shield, bow, or torch in your left hand, the left-handed weapon's Warfare technique will take precedence. There are four ways to use the right-hand weapon's Warfare technique.

  • L2 with the weapon in both hands
  • Remove your left shield (or any other weapon that gives priority to the left hand weapon feat) and press L2.
  • Equip a "no war skill" shield in your left hand.
  • Gives shield "no combat skills".

Q. I don't know when to use "Parry" to repel enemy attacks with my shield. ......

 You'll have to work hard to learn the timing! Also, some shields, such as the target shield, make it easier to succeed with the "parry" technique. If this is the case, it's usually written in the description of the shield, so check it out.

 To be honest, "parry" is an action for advanced players, as you have to learn the timing of each enemy's motion, and some attacks are impossible to parry. It's not easy to aim for, so beginners may find it easier to select the "No Battle Techniques" shield and focus on guarding and rolling. In this game, there is also an action called Guard Counter (R2 immediately after guarding), which is easier to use than "Parry". Guard counters work well against kingdom soldiers, so be sure to give it a try.

Q. I'd like to know the recommended fighting techniques!

 If you don't use "Parry", I recommend "No Battle Technique" for the shield. You can immediately use your right hand weapon's fighting technique while guarding, which will expand your tactical range. The brass shields shown above are "No Battle Technique" shields.

 It's hard to give a general recommendation for melee weapons because different techniques will shine in different situations. ...... Basically, if a technique consumes less FP and has less skew, it's easier to insert it into the gap between intense attacks. Self-enhancing techniques are also generally useful at any time.

Q. How can I add war techniques with war ashes? Does it consume any runes? How many of these can be added to each weapon?

  • You can add it with a blessing.
  • No runes are consumed.
  • You can have one type per weapon.
  • War ashes never run out and can be replaced as many times as you want.
  • War ashes can be used to set attributes. However, in the early stages of the game, you can ignore the attributes that are given to the weapon (since they have little effect on the weapon when it is low in ability, and usually make it weaker than the original). Here are some examples of attributes that can be added.
  • Heavy = greater influence of muscle strength.
    • Sharpness = greater effect on skill.
    • Fine = greater effect on both strength and skill.

 Some attributes, such as fire and holy, are also useful for exploiting enemy weaknesses. You can also use them to exploit the weaknesses of your enemies, for example, "I'll only use a flame attribute when I'm going to defeat a boss with a flame weakness.


Q. When I try to heal with the Scarlet Drop Chalice Bottle during battle, I get attacked: ....... I need to know when to use it and if there's a trend!

 During battle, the timing to use the Chalice Bottle or attack is basically "when the enemy stops attacking". If the enemy is attacking too hard, you can use it from a distance, or if you can use your spirit, you can wait until the enemy's target is shifted to your spirit before using it.

 In addition, compare the recovery amount of the Chalice Bottle with your current HP and maximum HP, and if the recovery amount is too much, you may be tempted to waste it. However, there are times when you will unexpectedly get hit by a series of enemy attacks and be killed all at once, so if you think, "Oh, this guy is strong," it is best to use it sparingly and recover when you can. Also, the Chalice Bottle recovers when you defeat a group of enemies in the field, so you can use it sparingly.

Q, I'm following the arrows from the blessing, but I can't proceed because there are too many soldiers or the boss is too strong! Where should I go?

 There are main scenarios, sub-stories, and medium to large dungeons beyond the guidance of the blessing, which will most likely help you reach locations that will help you progress in the game, but they only show you the direction. In some cases, it is easier to go around. The basic idea is to explore the surroundings while referring to them.

 Also, as a side note, the entrances to the tunnels where weapon enhancement items are found are usually marked on the map (circled in the picture below). Don't overlook to check here as well.


Q. I always get hit by the boss in the dungeon and get sent back. I can't win! Is my adventure already over ......?

 Basically, if you can't beat a boss, put it off for now. There are much more places you can go in this game than in "Dark Souls", so it's a good idea to explore other places. If you take a detour and explore underground graveyards, you may be able to obtain strong spirits.

 It is also a good idea to aim to level up while exploring. In this game, you can increase your defense by leveling up itself or by raising your muscle power ability value.

 Strengthening your weapon will also directly lead to a stronger attack. The further away you go, the better the weapon enhancement items you can get, so it's a good idea to keep going to the next area. However, if you go too far ahead, some NPCs may move ahead of you as you progress. Keep that in mind if you care about events.

Q. I don't know if the reason why I can't beat the boss is my skill or my equipment is weak. ...... Should I try again and again to be able to see through the enemy's movements, or should I come back after strengthening my equipment in the first place? ......

 There are many reasons why you can't win, but if you try a combination of these factors, such as your action skills, equipment, weapon enhancements, leveling up, weapon choices, warfare choices, magic and prayer choices, and spirit choices, you may find that you can win more easily than you think. Generally speaking, you can try the following measures.

  • The enemy is too hard.
  • The enemy may be lacking in attack power. Try strengthening your weapons and reselecting magic, prayer, and spirit. Strengthening your spiritual body is also important.
  • The enemy's attack power is high.
    • It is possible that our HP and defense are low. Try to increase the ability values of life force and muscle strength when you level up. In addition, the armor dropped by the knights that appear as enemies has a high defensive performance, and equipping it can be expected to reduce damage taken. The downside is that they are very heavy. When equipping them, it's a good idea to increase their endurance and set their weight at "medium", which is less than 70% of the upper limit of your equipment. This is because the rolling performance decreases when the weight increases. If you are hit by an enemy while rolling, you will take more damage than normal.
  • I run out of chalice bottles too quickly.
  • Chalice bottles are used up too quickly -Chalice bottles may be underperforming or used too few times. You need items to strengthen the chalice bottle, and chalice drops, which increase the amount of recovery, are usually found in churches. The remains of church-like buildings are marked on the map, so it's a good idea to visit them when you get the map. On the other hand, golden seeds, an item that increases the number of times the Chalice Bottle heals, are often found near small trees that glow gold. They are not shown on the map, but they are relatively easy to find along the path because they are glowing. By the way, you can drink the chalice bottle in succession by hitting the button, so if you take too much damage to recover in one go, drink it twice.
  • I don't know how to deal with enemy attacks.
    • The only way is to learn how to deal with each attack. Guard, rolling, jumping, parrying, and guard counters are often effective for each attack.
    • For example, attacks that shake the ground cannot be guarded, or consume a lot of stamina when guarded, or have a wide area of effect that cannot be evaded by rolling. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. You can easily avoid it by jumping from .......
  • I don't like the fact that my HP gets drained even when I guard. And it makes me squirm.
  • Your shield may not be good enough. Since most enemy attacks are only physical in nature, look for a shield that has a 100% "physical" cut rate when guarding. Also, guarding an enemy's attack consumes stamina, and if you run out of stamina, you will fall back. If your stamina consumption when guarding is too high and you frequently fall back, you can use a large shield with a high guard strength to solve the problem. In addition, the speed of stamina recovery slows down when you are holding a shield, so you should usually recover stamina without holding a shield, and immediately hold a shield when an enemy swings a weapon to see what happens.
  • Spirits are useless
    • Let's try changing the type of spirit. The type of spirit that appears in multiple bodies tends to be defeated at once by ranged attacks. In addition, spirits don't guard or evade very well, so if you have a hard-looking spirit wearing armor or a spirit that can attack from a distance, it's more likely to live a long time. In addition, since it is easier to find items to strengthen spirits than to strengthen weapons, it is easier to strengthen various kinds of spirits than weapons.
  • Still, no matter what I try, I can't win!
    'I recommend you to get help from fading people around the world in multiplayer!

Q. Do you use items such as "Heroic Flesh Lump" and "Grace of the Book" more and more?

 Q. Should I use items such as the "Brave Man's Meat Lump" and "Book of Grace" as often as possible? If you don't know how to get them or how to get them stably, it might be a good idea to use them in boss fights.

Q. I need a map as soon as possible in an unexplored area! I want to know the trend of where I can get maps!

 In most cases, you can get it from the stone monuments along the road. The location of the stone monument is indicated on the map when you pass by it, even if you haven't found the map fragment yet. Of course, you may not be able to reach the monument area easily. ......


 These are the answers to 28 beginner's questions, but the basic recommendation is to "adventure as you like, according to your own preferences. With this basic knowledge as a guide, I hope you will enjoy the freedom of a faded person's life in the land between worlds!

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