"ELDEN RING: The Road to the Erdtree" (manga by Nikiichi Tobita) began serialization on the free web magazine "COMIC Hu" on September 4, 2022. Since its serialization, this work has been attracting a lot of attention as a gag manga work with a unique interpretation of the world of the action RPG "ELDEN RING." On September 19, the latest episodes 3 and 4 have been released together.

『エルデンリング』をもとにしたギャグ漫画『ELDEN RING 黄金樹への道』第3話&第4話公開! パッチをはじめ新たなキャラクターも登場!

This manga is simultaneously or nearly simultaneously released in 12 different languages, including English, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. The work can be enjoyed almost simultaneously around the world.

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Some scenes from episodes 3 and 4!

『エルデンリング』をもとにしたギャグ漫画『ELDEN RING 黄金樹への道』第3話&第4話公開! パッチをはじめ新たなキャラクターも登場!

Right away, Patches, a familiar face to players, already makes an appearance here! How have Aseo and Patches met?

『エルデンリング』をもとにしたギャグ漫画『ELDEN RING 黄金樹への道』第3話&第4話公開! パッチをはじめ新たなキャラクターも登場!

This is the scene of the encounter with the Blaidd the Half-Wolf. As in the original work, it seems that he is summoned by snapping fingers, but what will happen after that...?

"ELDEN RING: The Road to the Erdtree" information

Information about the work

  • Title: "ELDEN RING: The Road to the Erdtree":
  • Manga artist: Nikiichi Tobita
  • Based on the video game, ELDEN RING, by FromSoftware Co., Ltd.
  • Scheduled to be updated on the 4th and 19th of each month on the free web magazine "COMIC Hu"


Aseo, a poor, Tarnished wretch, finds himself cast out into Limgrave—naked, penniless, hopeless, and maidenless. His only hope in his harsh, unforgiving new home is a mysterious woman named Melina. She urges him to follow the guidance of grace to the Erdtree that looms over the Lands Between. But it won't be an easy road; a cast of colorful characters awaits Aseo along the way—Patches the Untethered, Blaidd the Half-Wolf, Margit the Fell Omen, Godrick the Grafted, and of course, Ranni the Witch...With little but a loincloth between Aseo and certain death, he strikes out for the first stop on his quest: Stormveil Castle. Will he make it there, or will his journey end before it even begins?

Introduction of characters (Episode 1 and 2)

  • Aseo
    He is a Tarnished wretch who has collapsed in Limgrave. While suffering from amnesia, he meets Melina and is guided by her to the Erdtree. However, he is still quite weak.
『エルデンリング』をもとにしたギャグ漫画『ELDEN RING 黄金樹への道』第3話&第4話公開! パッチをはじめ新たなキャラクターも登場!
  • Melina
    She is a mysterious girl who appears before Aseo and asks him to take her to the foot of the Erdtree. Although she is able to level up Aseo, when she sees how dim-witted Aseo looks, she decides to use up her ability solely for his intelligence.
『エルデンリング』をもとにしたギャグ漫画『ELDEN RING 黄金樹への道』第3話&第4話公開! パッチをはじめ新たなキャラクターも登場!
  • White Mask Varré
    The person with whom Aseo has his first conversation in Limgrave. He gives Aseo a harsh advice.
『エルデンリング』をもとにしたギャグ漫画『ELDEN RING 黄金樹への道』第3話&第4話公開! パッチをはじめ新たなキャラクターも登場!
  • Godrick the Grafted
    The Demigod, lord of Stormveil Castle.
『エルデンリング』をもとにしたギャグ漫画『ELDEN RING 黄金樹への道』第3話&第4話公開! パッチをはじめ新たなキャラクターも登場!

"ELDEN RING: The Road to the Erdtree" Supported Languages / Distribution Publishers

『エルデンリング』をもとにしたギャグ漫画『ELDEN RING 黄金樹への道』第3話&第4話公開! パッチをはじめ新たなキャラクターも登場!

Yen Press, LLC (English version available only through Comic Walker)
■Traditional Chinese
Taiwan Kadokawa Co. Ltd. (BOOKWALKER)
■Thai language
kadokawa amarin company limited (episode 1)
■Korean language
YoungsangPublishing MEDIA, INC. (Web site)
Mana Books (episode 1) (episode 2)
■German language
Altraverse GmbH (episode 1) (episode 2)
PANINI S.p.A. (episode 1) (episode 2)
■Spanish (Spain)
NORMA Editorial S.A. (episode 1) (episode 2)
■Spanish (Latin America)
Panini Mexico S.A. (To be confirmed.)
■Polish (Poland)
STUDIO JG (Web site)
Panini BrasilLtda. (episode 1) (episode 2)

Although simultaneous release with the Japanese version of the film is scheduled, there may be a slight delay due to circumstances in each language. Please refer to the announcement of applicable publisher for details.

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