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This time, we will show you where to collect the three materials needed in the production of the "moss medicine of corruption".

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Erdene Ring Collection locations for the three materials needed to produce "moss medicine of corruption".

To produce the "moss medicine of corruption," three materials are required: "helva of night dew," "buds of holy blood," and "crystals of cave moss." Apart from these, the "Armor Craftsman's Process Book [6]" is also a must-have item.

The "helva of night dew" and "crystals of cave moss" are easy to obtain, but "buds of sacred blood" are precious and difficult to obtain, so we have introduced locations where they grow in relatively large numbers.

Refer to the video to obtain the necessary materials and make sure you have "moss medicine of corruption" on hand at all times.

【エルデンリング】“腐敗の苔薬”製作に必要な3つの素材の収集場所【ファミ通 攻略ch】

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