ELDEN RING is the latest dark fantasy RPG from FromSoftware. The first thing you'll do when you play this game is to make your character. This is where you create your character's face and choose their "identity", which is a sort of occupation.

 There are various types of "qualities," such as the warrior type with strong physical attacks and the wizard type who can use magic and miracles, and they have different abilities such as muscle strength and intelligence, as well as different equipment from the start. Let's take a look at the characteristics of all 10 types of "qualities" through their initial ability values and initial equipment.

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Explains the "true nature" of all 10 types!

There are 10 types of "qualities" to choose from!

 The first thing I'd like to mention is that you can choose your character based on your own preferences. The first thing I want to mention is that it's almost always fine to choose your character's identity based on your own preferences. In this game, players can increase their abilities when they level up, and the initial equipment for each identity and equipment with similar performance can be obtained later.

 Therefore, the "character" is mainly affected in the early stages of the game, and the further you progress in the game, the more it will reflect the player's training policy. In the following sections, we'll show you how to fight with each character, but it's perfectly fine to choose the character that is cool, interesting, and allows you to achieve your favorite play style without worrying about how it will affect your strategy. The best thing to do is to choose the one that motivates you to play.

 Note that you cannot change the character displayed on the status screen once you've chosen it, so be careful if you're into role-playing. Also, please check out the article here for a sample of how to create a face in character creation.

List of initial stats for elemental characters


 The details of each ability value are as follows.

  • Vigor: Attribute governing HP. Also affects fire resistance and immunity.
  • Mind: Attribute that determines FP. Also affects focus.
  • Endurance: Attribute governing stamina. Also affects robustness. This attribute also determines how heavy your equipment can be.
  • Strength: Attribute required to wield heavy armaments. Also boosts the attack power of armaments that scale with strength and affects your physical defense.
  • Dexterity:Attribute required to wield advanced armaments. Also boosts attack power of dexterity-scaling armaments, reduces casting time of spells, softens fall damage and makes it harder to be knocked off your horse.
  • Intelligence: Attribute required to perform glintstone sorceries. Also boosts magic power of intelligence-scaling sorceries and improves magic resistance.
  • Faith: Attribute required to perform sacred incantations. Also boosts incantations that scale with faith.
  • Arcane: Attribute governing discovery. Also affects holy defense, vitality and certain sorceries and incantations.

 The sum of the ability values for each trait is standardized to be "80 at level 1", and no one trait is superior to another in terms of total ability value. If you want to play with a limited level, you can choose the character with the lowest "ability value that you have decided not to raise", just like in the "Dark Souls" series.

Initial Equipment List


Introduction of each Origin

 From here on, I will introduce the features of each "Origin" and how to use them to your advantage in battle.


 A knight exiled from their homeland to wander. A solid, armor-clad origin.


 He has the highest Vigor and strength of all the characters. The initial equipment, a Longsword, is easy to use, and the Heater Shield has a 100% cut rate when guarding against physical attacks. The Halberd can be used to attack at medium distances, and the high defense of the armor makes it easy to use with both hands.

 In general, there are no peculiarities in both offense and defense, but be aware that the roll performance is low due to the heavy equipment weight. Try to fight mainly with guards. You can also improve your roll performance by changing some of your armor to lighter armor or by increasing your endurance. It is recommended for those who are not particular about role-playing and are new to FromSoftware games.


 A nomad warrior who fights wielding two blades at once. An origin of exceptional technique.


 This is one of the Origin that specializes in close physical contact. He has two Scimitar, and is the only one who can attack with a special two-sword motion from the start, although his shield performance is not high. The Scimitar has a short reach, so it is best used for jumping into the enemy's pocket, hitting them with a series of blows, and then breaking away.

 He also has the highest initial level of all the characters, which makes it easy for him to use a variety of weapons, including bows and swords, from the beginning of the game. When fighting with two swords or two-handed weapons, the main defense is not shields but roll evasion, so be aware that you are relatively vulnerable to being hit. In general, this character is suitable for those who want to fight the enemy head-on with their techniques.


 A stalwart hero, at home with a battleaxe, descended from a badlands chieftain.


 A Origin that specializes in close physical contact. He has the most strength of all the characters available, and his Battle Axe, which is his initial equipment, has high attack power. In addition, the Battle Axe's battle technique, "Wild Strikes," can unleash a powerful series of attacks.

 However, be aware that the Battle Axe is relatively slow to swing. Coupled with the fact that the initial equipment's defense is not very high, you tend to get attacked and frightened before you can attack the enemy. This is a very "brave" way to win with an emphasis on offense, but don't overdo it. You need to determine when to attack.


 A dangerous bandit who strikes for weak points. Excels at ranged combat with bows.


 One of the qualities of this Origin is the ability to perform physical attacks from a distance. His initial equipment, a Great Knife, has a short reach, but it can inflict a bleeding condition. Also, if you use the "Quickstep" skill, it is easy to jump into the opponent's pocket and get a series of hits. However, be aware that Vigor is low, so it takes only a few attacks to put them in a tight spot. He also has a Shortbow that can be used for long range attacks.

 In addition, the Great Knife has a feature that its "Critical Hits" is very powerful. In addition to draining the enemy's HP with normal attacks, you can also use stealth to surprise the enemy from behind, as well as the Buckler's "Parry" and jumping attacks to break the enemy's stance and aim for the Critical Hits. This is a character whose abilities can be greatly enhanced by a few techniques.


 A scholar who reads fate in the stars. Heir to the school of glintstone sorcery.


 Astrologer has high intelligence and Mind, and specializes in Sorcery. The most important feature of this character is his excellent long-distance attacks with the Sorcery "Glintstone Pebble" and "Glintstone Arc". On the other hand, his Vigor is 9, which is the lowest among all his qualities. The key to victory is how he destroys enemies from a distance.

 He has a Short Sword as his initial equipment, so even if he runs out of FP, he can still respond with physical attacks, but his strength is the lowest of all the elements at 8. There are many different types of Sorcery, and as your adventures in the Lands Between, the true value of Astrologer will come into play.


 A seer ostracized for inauspicious prophecies. Well-versed in healing incantations.


 He has the highest Faith value of all the characters, and can use both recovery and attack Incantations from the start. Her offensive Incantations, "Catch Flame," has a short activation time and is powerful, but its reach is short. It is best to use the Short Spear, which is easy to use and has a good reach, as the main attack, and then use "Catch Flame" as a counter attack when the opponent gets close to you.

 In addition, Short Spear can attack while holding his shield, but the performance of the shield he possesses is particularly low among all Origin. The flow of battle at the beginning of the game will be to attack while maintaining a medium distance, and recover with Incantations after the battle. First of all, you should find another shield as soon as possible. In addition, there are many variations of Incantations as well as Sorceries, Like the ASTROLOGER, it is a Origin that is fun to explore.


 A capable fighter from the distant Land of Reeds. Handy with katana and longbows.


 He excels in physical attacks in the distance. Initial equipment, a Uchigatana, has a slightly better reach than a Longsword. In addition, although the "Unsheathe" skill is a bit peculiar, the Strong Attack is very powerful and can easily stun the enemy. It's also nice to know that you can use the Longbow from the start for long-distance attacks.

 On the other hand, the performance of the shield is not very high. It's best to use roll to avoid enemies, and use two-handed or skill as the mainstay of combat. Since the initial armor has relatively high defense, you can attack more aggressively than WARRIOR and HERO. Also, in the case of a Uchigatana, you can expect BLOOD LOSS with successive attacks. It seems to suit the samurai's way of fighting, letting the flesh cut the bones.


 A prisoner bound in an iron mask. Studied in glintstone sorcery, having lived among the elite prior to sentencing.


 In addition to his excellent physical attacks, he can also use offensive Sorceries. The initial equipment, the Estoc, has a long reach, and the "Impaling Thrust" skill has the ability to penetrate guards, giving you an advantage against opponents with shields.

 However, it's not suitable for fighting against many people, and Low defense makes it easy to take damage. The key is to keep your distance and destroy them individually. The Sorcery "Magic Glintblade" should be used in a different way. In terms of abilities, Faith is the lowest of all the qualities, but the rest are relatively well balanced. Since he has Dexterity and Intelligence, it would be a good idea to develop these traits to become a sorcerous swordsman.


 A church spy adept at covert operations. Equally adept with a sword as they are with their incantations.


 He is good at physical attacks and can use Incantations for assistance and recovery. The Broadsword he carries is easy to use, and the shield has a 100% physical damage negation. The initial armor, the Intelligencer outfit, is light in weight, has standard roll performance, has high defense among the initial Origin equipment, and can heal through "Urgent Heal," which allows you to heal while walking.

 At first glance, it seems to have all the advantages, but be careful of its low Vigor. Their initial level is the highest among all the characters, so even if you want to raise their Vigor, you may find it hard to do so. This is the type of Origin that has to use all of the game systems to overcome the disadvantage of low HP. In particular, the "Assassin's Approach" Incantations that muffles footsteps will be useful for stealth play.


 A poor, purposeless sod, naked as the day they were born. A nice club is all they have.


 This is a standard element in From Software titles. You don't have anything except a Club, so you'll have to start by acquiring items such as shields and armor. The Attribute Points are all 10, and there are no strengths or weaknesses, but the level is 1, the lowest of all the Origin.

 You may have a hard time in the beginning, but in other words, it's a characteristic that can easily reflect the player's own development policy from the beginning, and it's also easy to deal with the situation when you want to improve this ability later on. The initial equipment, the Club, is the only striking weapon among the initial equipment of all the Origin. The "Barbaric Roar" skill increases attack power for a certain amount of time and also allows you to use savage combo attack.

You can choose your Keepsake as you like.

 You can also choose Keepsake during character creation. In the end, you will be able to obtain all of them by progressing through the game, so you can basically decide what you like.

 As with the Origin, the Keepsake displayed on the status screen cannot be changed after the game starts. If you're a fan of role-playing, such as "I've come to the Land Between the Narrows to receive the Boiled Prawn that all the people in my hometown collected.


 If I had to make a recommendation, it would be to use the "Stonesword Key", an item that directly affects the expansion of your search area. If you have two of these in stock from the start, you'll be able to use them without hesitation, as you may unexpectedly discover a sealed location while exploring.

 If you are worried about the combat aspect, you can choose to use the "Golden Seed", an item that increases the number of times you can use the Flask, or the "Crimson Amber Medallion", a talisman that increases your maximum HP. If you're confident in your skills and want to enjoy playing the role of the good guy who actively helps the host in cooperative play from the beginning, the Talisman "Shabriri's Woe" will be useful to make you more vulnerable to enemies.

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