ELDEN RING is scheduled to be released by From Software on February 25, 2022.

The release of this title is only two weeks away. This week's "ELDEN RING" update is a summary of the latest information released by various media outlets as the game attracts the attention of game fans around the world.

This time, we'll introduce two articles that were also featured on Famitsu.com on February 10, 2022.

New gameplay video released!

 This is the new gameplay video that was released on the official YouTube channel of Game Informer, which was introduced in the last issue of "This Week's Elden Ring".

 In a grassland setting, you can see how a rider equipped with a great axe can strike a deadly blow after causing an enemy to fall from his horse.

 We also get to see a battle against what appears to be a giant bear in a misty forest-like area. Using a bow to restrain the enemy and being grabbed by the bear and taking heavy damage shows the intensity of the battle in this title.

 In addition, the scene where the player descends underground on an elevator-like platform is thrilling enough to make you anticipate what kind of encounter awaits you ahead.

Some of the elements of "The Elden Ring" are finally revealed!

 This article was published on The Elden Ring's official international Twitter, and introduces the true nature of the game.

The player creates a character to be his or her alter ego before landing in the Lands Between, and at that time, the player chooses a base "class" (similar to "occupation" in other games) that you like. Since abilities and initial equipment differ depending on your character's background, you will have a lot of trouble choosing the right one.

In the network test held in November 2021, there were five types available: Warrior, Hero, Enchanted Knight, Prophet and Bloody Wolf, but it was clearly stated that this was a network test only.

The following four classes were revealed in this tweet. Of course, there's no way this is his only identity, so we'll have to wait for further news!

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